10 Apr 2011

Lazy Friends

Once there were two lazy persons sleeping under a mango tree. Their names were Ram and Shyam.

All of a sudden one mango fell on Shyam's chest, so Shyam asks Ram to pick up the mango and put in his mouth, but Ram refuses to do so and instead calls him a lazy lump.

Suddenly, Shyam sees a person riding away on a horse and shouts at him to come to his aid. The person on the horse got down of it and asked Shyam that what problem he had. In turn Shyam said that his friend Ram was not picking up the mango for him and that he should do him this favor. To this the man calls him the worlds biggest lazy and abuses him.

Ram listens to this and says to the rider that his friend is so lazy that the whole night a dog was licking his face and his friend did not even bother to chase him out.

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